COOPER Oil & Fuel Filters, are a sub brand of Wesfil Australia Pty Ltd and it is one of the leading manufacturer of oil filters.  Cooper Diesel Particulate Filters are made in the UK, reasonably priced and includes over 100 part numbers and applications across most vehicles in the Australian marketplace. Cooper oil filters prolong engine life by trapping dirt and other particles throughout your vehicle's service interval, ensuring only clean, filtered oil circulates around the motor. Fuel filters ensure efficient removal of particulate contaminants, providing clean fuel and maximum flow performance. Being a part of Wesfil Australia Cooper has a lot of features to offer your vehicle which includes:

Anti drain-back valve preventing oil draining back out of the filter through the inlet holes.
By-pass valve ensures protection of the engine against oil starvation.
Strong internal components such as springs and element assemblies.
Heat tolerant seals and O-rings.
Wesfil/Cooper nationwide warranty.
Cooper has Particulate filter product range, delivers quality and clean performance efficiency and committed to the best quality and largest range of products.