Sakura Filter has more than 45 years experience in the filtration business. We operate under PT Selamat Sempurna Tbk. (SMSM), the flagship of the Automotive Division Group and currently the largest filter manufacturers in the region.

In the filtration business, Sakura Filter offers the largest range of application of more than 7.000 part numbers for OEM/OES as well as aftermarket. It covers automotive, commercial, heavy equipment, marine, and industrial for American, European, and Asian applications. All products are tested to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard and accredited laboratory.

Sakura is constantly improving our facilities, warehouses, and equipments in order to offer our customers quality cost and delivery program, as to reduce lead time and unwanted cost.

MPN: C-1123

New SAKURA Oil Filter C-1123 *By ZIVOR*

$21.00 $16.63

MPN: C-1816

New SAKURA Oil Filter C-1816 *By ZIVOR*

$21.00 $16.63

MPN: FC-2801

SAKURA Fuel Filter FC-2801*By Zivor*

$34.25 $27.13

MPN: CA-28190-S

SAKURA Cabin Air Filter CA-28190-S*By Zivor*

$27.53 $21.80

MPN: CA-28260

SAKURA Cabin Air Filter CA-28260*By Zivor*

$29.20 $23.13

MPN: EO-2631

SAKURA Oil Filter EO-2631*By Zivor*

$27.99 $22.17