TE provides quality electrical and electronic interconnection products for automotive, on- and off-highway, and hybrid and electric vehicles to electrically and mechanically join wires and cables, printed circuit boards, integrated circuit packages, and batteries.

TE offers research and development capabilities, rapid prototyping and samples, as well as manufacturing facilities for special automotive cable assemblies. The cables include over-molding technology, semi-automatic and fully automatic manufacturing processes, testing equipment and capabilities for handling of high- and low-volume production mix. TE also produces highly reliable automotive cable assemblies for safety applications and infotainment, and any other cable assembly that is required in any vehicle module.

TE Connectivity (TE) is committed to making vehicles safer, greener and more connected. To transport passengers safely and efficiently, vehicles need data. Our vehicle sensors can sense and respond to changing conditions, inside and out. TE's automotive sensors help provide the data for control, adaptation and response of vehicle functions that increase safety, comfort, and efficiency. Our technology is an integral part of many modern nervous systems in cars, trucks, buses and off-road vehicles.